Share your daily life in photos with artists

Share your daily life in photos with Japan's leading talent—artists, musicians, & models.

Turning the daily life into art with one tap

We have prepared over 30 filters including standard ones that decorate the daily life wonderfully. Limited seasonal filters will be added every month as well.

cameran-limited works of artists

Various presents, such as filters and wallpaper supervised by artists as well as cameran-limited live tickets and backstage passes, are prepared.

Official cameran Twitter & Facebook pages

cameran’s Facebook page and Twitter account are currently showing one popular photo uploaded with cameran per day.

cameran Family Brand

Use the view of the world of fashion magazines and brands to share cuter and more stylish photos ♥

cameran Collage

A new application perfect for ladies (free-of-charge), for stylish photo processing and collage creation, produced by fashion magazines "MORE" and "BLENDA".
Fashion brands "MERCURYDUO" and "ANTEPRIMA" are also currently creating cute items such as stamps and backgrounds.

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